Vegan Nutrition Masterclass

This workshop is an essential for any vegan. Never worry again of having deficiency or ‘missing’ anything from your diet.

You will become fully informed and empowered in how to nourish your body on a plant based diet. The workshop will include nutrition of all three macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates and protein), the fundamentals of creating and sustaining a healthy gut microbiome and details of which supplements are essential and how much to take.

Plus you’ll have all the answers for those (annoying) questions like
‘Where do you get your protein?’ and more.

Workshops are online, in Bristol and can come to you.

Upcoming sessions:

Tuesday February 8th-The Vegan Nutrition Masterclass
6.30pm – 8pm in the Coexist Kitchen, Easton, Bristol
Full price £35.00…early bird before mid January- £20.00

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Text, Whatsapp, Call 07562 716 908

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