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I didn’t believe in coaching.

I didn’t even think about trying to make my life better, I was just getting on with it. Then I discovered NLP. Neuro linguistic programming showed me that I can have much more control over my human experience.

Now I can notice that many of my thoughts, actions and behaviours were not serving me. How I was perceiving my life was limiting me in what I wanted to do and to be who I wanted to be.

The filters of our perception are created by our experiences. Some of our filters come from our childhood, from trauma, the pressure and “shoulds” of family, friends, culture and society, from anxiety, fear and worry. This does not help us be who we are, to shine our light, to know ourselves.

I was living a life of overworking for little money because I wanted to “help”, I had relationships with older men to make me feel safe, I had an unhealthy relationship with money, I would frequently burn out, get ill, rest and then begin again. The patterns just kept on repeating themselves.

What did NLP do for me?
NLP helped me become more whole by supporting me to access my inner resources and leave limiting beliefs and old patterns behind. I improved my relationship with myself, with friends and family, with money, am developing my business and I even have a wonderful partner!

I’ve learnt more about who and how I want to be in this world and I have the inner resources, tools, beliefs and dreams to make that happen.

….of course I still have human life problems, they’re just much higher quality, and I have a whole host of skills to manage them with resilience and learning.

I am passionate about sharing the light that NLP has brought to my life so I trained as a Practitioner, then a Master Practitioner.

So, how could your life be better? Coaching with me could be about improving your life, your relationships, your health, making headway with your career or business, managing mental health including anxiety or supporting your roles, perhaps as a mother or father.

Solve problems // Shift your mindset // Improve relationships

Find clarity // Take control of your life // Integrate

Healing. Coaching. Self Development

Neuro-linguistic Programming is a highly creative framework for making change that lasts. We use the wisdom of the body for deep somatic transformation. Having me as your guide will allow you to connect with yourself to create the life you want.

Become the Author of Your Own Life

Know Yourself.
Half Day Session
Take this opportunity to develop and connect to yourself. A space for removing blocks, integrating and moving toward who you really are.
In Glastonbury, Bristol or your own home.
10am – 1pm or 2pm – 5pm

Know Yourself.
Full Day Session
Commit to your self development. A day of exploration, change work and embodied practice to connect with who you are and how you want your life to be. In Glastonbury, Bristol or your own home.
10am – 4pm

Know Yourself sessions can be arranged in evenings and weekends to suit.

Weekly Coaching

Weekly sessions to work toward the life you want.

Available on Zoom

One Session
£60 each

Three + sessions
£50 each

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I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Elle for helping me with a life long habit I had. I told Elle how embarrassed and ashamed I was. Now, for once in my life, I have release, many many thanks Elle.

Sessions with Elle really helped me to piece together what a positive future could look like and how I can make steps towards it.

Elle emanates love and empathy. Combined with her grounded nature and creative humour, her genuine heart centred approach made it easier to open up and look at difficult areas in a deeply connected and supported way.

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