Eat For Health is all about bringing empowered living into our very weird Western Culture (which values things like overworking and junk food).

What do we consume and does it nourish us?

Get empowered in your choice of what you eat as well as what you think about, listen to, look at and interact with.

Become the author of the life you want.

Eat For Health UK was founded in 2018 by Elle to inspire others in the journey to a nourished & happy life.

About Elle….
Elle believes that we have the power to recreate the world we live in, one joyful choice at a time.

She trained in mathematics then, after donating a kidney, took a dramatic life shift to become a Health Educator and Life Coach. She qualified as an INLPTA Master Practitioner of NLP, picked up a nutrition qualification, trained as a teacher and now is coming the the end of her Masters Degree in Public Health.

She create courses with Feed Avalon, partners with Little Acre Kitchen and is leading a rewilding project on 4 acres.

Elle loves to share the deep relationships between our bodies, food and the Earth. To support living in an embodied way, Elle guides curiosity & self knowing of our physical bodies and our inner-world.

Meet Elle, get inspired and motivated for your life on Instagram & Facebook @EatForHealthUK 

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